Shulus Forest Enterprises Inc. (SFE) has been involved Shulus Cattle Company 2016 in various projects this past year and has continued to employ 7 full time staff and approximately 12 seasonal employees. SFE has continued to work with Tolko Industries, Aspen Planers and Stuwix Resources to supply various forestry services including timber development, timber cruising, road maintenance and deactivation, logging supervision and other services as required.

SFE has also been contracted by BC Hydro and Allteck to complete the Merritt Green Energy Interconnect Line (MIG) which will connect the Merritt Green Energy plant to the Merritt Substation. Work was started in January of this year and will continue on until its completion sometime in May. We are also still working on the Merritt Area Transmission (MAT) Project with a completion date of June of this year.